*Updated for Jan 1, 2020

Functional Movement Screening (included with FST and PT packages)

1 Screen                         $50

Fascial Stretch Therapy 

1 Session                        $100

4 Sessions                      $380

6 Sessions                      $570

*Add $30 per session for 90min sessions

Personal Training                                                 

1 Session                         $93

4 Sessions                      $352

8 Sessions                      $664

12 Sessions                    $936

*Add 30mins of Fascial Stretch Therapy to each session for $30!

Tandem Training (per person)

1 Session                         $65

4 Sessions                       $240

8 Sessions                       $440

12 Sessions                     $600

*All PT and FST packages include 1 Functional Movement Screening


Monthly meal plan      $200/month

Unlimited (Exclusive to 1 person per month!) 

20 PT sessions,  4 FST sessions in 1 calendar month (meal plan included)  $1500

If you have a resolution to lose weight, move better or pack on some muscle or if you’ve always wanted to learn how to safely and effectively use barbells, kettlebells or your own body-weight, this is your best opportunity!
**Sessions will not carry over to the next month so you must be highly motivated and disciplined to even consider this option!

Fill out the form below and let me know what services you’re interested in and I’ll contact you soon!

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