Personal Training

Areas of Expertise:

Fascial Stretch Therapy- Gentle stretching along fascial lines (trains) that target deep into the joint capsule using traction, oscillation and circumduction in order to increase the clients’ mobility, stability and body awareness as well as reduce pain.

FMS 2 Advanced Correctives- Administering functional movement screens as well as implementing corrective exercises to address mobility/motor control issues and regain proper movement patterning.

Injury Rehab and Athletic Taping- Working as a team with physio, occupational and massage therapists to ensure quick recovery from acute injuries as mentioned above.

Chronic Injury Rehab- Addressing pain caused by constant poor posture (upper/lower cross syndrome), improper body mechanics and stress related muscle/fascial tension (plantar fasciitis).

Functional Strength Training– Focus on lifting form and movement patterns that translate to the demands of everyday life.

Olympic Lifting– Developing explosive strength via performing the snatch, clean, and clean and jerk.

Powerlifting– Squat, chest press and deadlift for maximal strength gains.

Sport Specific Training– Creating specific, periodized programs to address the demands of each sport with a focus on basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, volleyball and track & field.

Nutrition and Weight Management- Progressive dietary alterations that can easily be adhered to with the goal of changing eating habits instead of crash dieting.

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