10 Essentials… Find an Efficient Warm-Up

Put me in coach! Here’s a shorty. Not having a lot of time is a dangerous excuse to forgo a warm-up. Sure, ‘danger is your middle name’, but that’s between you and your parents. 

A good warm-up will reduce risk of injury by priming your muscles for fast movement, increasing your joint range of motion, increasing your ventilation (more oxygen for the muscles) and getting you mentally ready to crush your workout.

Start with soft tissue work, (foam rolling, trigger points etc) then switch to single-part movements (hips, rib cage, shoulders, ankles etc). When you finish with single-parts, move on to multi-joint movements, such as an in-line lunge with torso rotation or toe-touch walk-out to cobra with rotation. You don’t always have to add a rotation, but you do always have to hit each body part that you’ll be using in the session. Don’t spend a ton of time on this; pick maybe 8 movements and then get on with your training. Your muscles will thank you and then you can thank me and then I’ll say something self-deprecating because I don’t know how to react properly to politeness. 

Next time, I’ll address how to stay functional when you aren’t able to stick to your plan because biclops over there is curling in the squat rack.

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