10 Essentials… Have a Plan of Attack

Put me in coach! Great, you’re still with me; let’s learn the importance of having a plan of attack before heading to le gymnase.

In this scenario, you get to be George RR Martin and your workout is your favourite GOT character: you’re going to kill it, quickly- today.

So, how are you going to do it? You’re going to take the guess-work out by making a plan (think grocery list). You will not have a good workout if you don’t know what exercise to do next. I’ll repeat, you will not have a good workout if you don’t know what exercise to do next.

Start with your goal; for now, you want to get strong. Use your percents; we’ll use the program example from the last article and assume your 1RM squat to be 185lbs and chest press- 133lbs:

Monday– All lifts at 70%1RM for 5-6 reps with body weight warm-up

Squats- 130lbs

Chest Press- 95lbs

Pull-ups- body weight

Make sure you have a pen because you’ll be taking notes!

Traditional strength programs will require all sets of each exercise be performed consecutively with approx. 2-5 minutes rest in between before moving on the the next. But, because ‘Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver’ is on in 30, you’ll do it in a circuit: 5 reps of squats followed by 5 reps of chest press followed by…you get the idea and repeat for 5 sets. You don’t need to rest between sets, because you’re using different body parts (while you do your chest press and pull-ups, your legs recover).


I’ll be very clear- this is not the ideal way to gain strength and definitely not a good excuse to cheap out on your workout. If you honestly don’t have 1-1.5hrs to put aside 3 days per week or you just can’t continue living without knowing what those girls with all their money are up to, you can’t expect maximal strength results- you get out what you put in. We all have different priorities and that’s completely fine, just commit to some exercise and know what your plan is before you get into the gym. The beauty in this type of program is that it’s both efficient and effective at burning calories and you will get stronger!

Everyone wins!


Next up: ‘Find an Efficient Warm-up’.




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