10 Essentials… Have a Goal in Mind

Put me in coach! Before you start a workout, you should ask yourself why you’re going to the gym. Are you doing it for the countless health benefits? Are you an athlete? Did bikini season just sneak up on you and you literally can’t even? Were you recently diagnosed with hypertension or maybe you just want to feel more confident playing Tom Cruise in Risky Business (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about). Whatever your motivation is, it’s a good reason to start working out.

Your goal is important because it will dictate the way your sessions play out. For example – you just had your physical and the doctor said, if you don’t lose 20lbs, you run the risk of becoming diabetic. Are you going to train the same way as that bro carrying around 2 protein shakes and a gallon of water? No. You have opposite goals which require different programs, and don’t worry, he’s not judging you, he’s judging himself.

So what are you going to do? You’re smart. You’re not going to ride the elliptical for an hour; you’re in a hurry and you’ve read that resistance training is important for maintenance of fat free mass. You’re going to go in and do a quick warm-up and dynamic stretch, followed by a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) program, and to finish it off, a cool down. Shower if you must, but then get back to whatever it is that you do.

In my next post I’ll explain how to find both your optimal heart rate zone and working weights. Knowing these percents will allow you to set a new PR in exercise efficiency!

That’s all for today; be sure to follow this blog and don’t miss out!


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