10 Essentials for a Time Restricted Workout

Put me in coach! So you want to workout, but you don’t have enough time. Since this is to serve those in a hurry, I’ll quickly outline what I feel are the 10 essentials for a time restricted workout. I’ll break each point down into detail when I have more time. Here they are:

#1- Have a goal in mind (why are you exercising?)

#2- Know your percents (heart rate zones, 1 rep max)

#3- Have a plan of attack (what, exactly, are you going to do at the gym?)

#4- Find an efficient warm-up (don’t just jump right in)

#5- Have a back-up plan (your equipment is occupied- what now?)

#6- Limit rest between sets (different rest time for different rep ranges)

#7- Use proper form (if you’re hurt, your progress will be too)

#8- Take notes (don’t guess your weights)

#9- Listen to upbeat music (set the tone)

#10- Stop making excuses


No time for a closing statement

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